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Social Club Activity

No Smoking Drive

With changing time and modern generation, smoking, alcohol and drug consumption is nothing but a trend. There is an immediate need to make youngsters understand what they are really signing up for when they start consumption of these intoxicating substances. The Social Club of DIHE, Sector 3, understood this and took the initiative of highlighting the negative effects of such substances. The Social Club organised a No-Smoking Drive #NoSmkingCampaign shedding light on the gravity of the mental, physical, and financial effects. It also answered why so many youngsters are falling into this trap, talking about peer pressure and social status and one of the major reasons, relief from stress. At last, it warned the next generation and pushed them to maintain distance from any kind of drugs.

Independence Day Celebration

Social Club has celebrated 75 years of Independence on 13 August, 2022. The flag hoisting ceremony was carried by Prof. V.K.Aggarwal, Pro chancellor, Jagannath University, Jaipur; Mrs Nirmal Bhatnagar Dean, mass communication department and Mr S.L.Aggarwal, Controller of Examination, followed by national anthem.The main motive of celebration is to aware our young generation about the pride and courage of our brave freedom fighters. We, as a proud Indian would like to salute our soldiers who always make our country proud.