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Rules and Regulations

Non - Refund of Fees
All fees once paid are non refundable. Only Security Deposit will be refunded after making necessary adjustments.

Cancellation of Admission

The Institute reserves its rights to cancel the admission of a successful candidate under any of the following circumstances :

- If the fee is not deposited by the stipulated date.
- If the candidate fails to join a particular programme by the stipulated date after the fee has been paid.
- If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualification.
- If the student is found to be misbehaving or any other issue regarding discipline at any point of time.

Payment of Fees
- Fees is to be paid in two equal installments on July 31st and December 31st each year, failing which a penalty of Rs.20/- per day will be charged for the next 30 days.
- After a period of 30 days, the name of the defaulting students will be struck off the rolls. However, re-admission could be sought by paying Rs.500/- as re-admission fee along with the same fine.
- If a student is required to reappear in an exam, he/she would have to pay a re-assessment fee of Rs.300/- per paper.
- On completion of the course, the students are required to fill in a prescribed 'No Dues ' form for refund of Security Deposit and submit it in the office. An amount of Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted from the security deposit
  towards payment of Alumni Membership Fees and Rs. 4,000/- would be refunded provided security deposit is claimed within six months of completion of course.

Right of Alternation/ Modification

- Management reserves its right to alter or modify the course structure of any of its programmes to attain the objectives of excellence.
- The Institute reserves its right to change the fee structure mentioned in the brochure.
- The Institute reserves its right to modify, alter or include any other Rules and Regulations that may be deemed fit in the interest of the Institution.

Any dispute pertaining to admission or any matter as a student or an alumnus of the Institute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Delhi court only.

Limitation Clause
No dispute shall be raised after the expiry of 30 days from the date of which the process of admission and / or selection is completed.

Agreement Clause
All successful candidates shall be bound by the above mentioned Rules & Regulations of the Institute.