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Teaching Methodology

Case Study: Case Study analysis is a simulated effort to study about specific problems of companies, for which different solutions are enumerated, discussed and analyzed by students and finally evaluated by faculty.

Group Discussions: Group discussions are initiated on topics of interest and current issues related to business and society. This inculcates group behavior, Team building and Leadership skills which are essential for Corporates and Business.

Management Games: Management Games help students to learn important life skills through fun activities. Management games facilitate students to involve voluntarily in activities of business practices.

Outbound Training: Outbound training is included in the curriculum to enhance the overall personality of students and encourage them to undertake field activity which helps them manage stamina and stress.

Presentations: Knowledge assimilated is best assessed when students are able to express and exhibit it in the right way and as required by the corporate world. Students are assessed in individual and group presentations and given feedback and trained on the gaps.

Quiz: Quizzes help to test students’ ability to grasp subject better. Generally faculties conduct quiz at the completion of chapter.

Real-time Projects: Students are sent for real time projects of their interest which help them acquire skills to get suitable jobs.

Role Play: Role plays help student put themselves in the shoes of the decision maker in the given situation. It helps to improve students' decision making ability, quick thinking and reasoning.

Guest Lectures: Guest lecturers enable the students to enrich the latest updates regarding the avenues in jobs as well as the need of the industry. While handling the real modern life challenges the proven experts bring the leadership quality and knowledge to the students. The speakers also add credibility to the content.

Guest lecturers like Ms.Shweta Cama & Mr.Tajinder from Bombay Stock Exchange apprised the students by guiding them how to convert new lesson designs to new options available to them in the industry. Mr Anil Singh Bhaduria from T.I.M.E ensured the interactive and enthusiastic participation of the students during his session. Mr. Niskarsh Sharma from Digital Dukandar gave deeper pedagogical reasons for learning and understanding the digital world in this digital era.

These guest lecturers bring a change in the thinking and elevate the knowledge of the students.