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A meeting place where students from all walks of life interact with each other. The cafeteria is a must in itself. The institute has a cafeteria which is open through the day for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Due to the highly heterogeneous profile of student, an attempt is being made to provide variety to cater to different sections of student on affordable price.

DIHE has the facility of a spacious and clean cafeteria that caters to the taste of all students. It can conveniently accommodate 100 students at a time, functioning in the campus. The cafeteria is provided with modern furniture and electrical automatic cooking and storing facilities, which provides hot lunch, snacks and beverages both to the students and staff. It is well maintained with efficient service and a take away counter.

The cafeteria remains open on all working days. The most attractive feature of the institute is institute restaurant. It is a place where students unwind and relax with friends to enjoy good quality, delicious and healthy food at nominal rates. It is definitely a treat for all students. The institute cafeteria is a place where students congregate to not only eat but exchange views.