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About The Institute

Delhi Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) is an esteemed and progressive institute, established in the year 2007 with a mission of creating scholars of excellence who are full of dynamism, honesty, and dedication. We endeavor to blend intellectual insight with personality development to suit the corporate requirements by providing high-quality education in the field of Management.

We believe in an education system that looks beyond employment and concentrates on individual development by imparting “Life Skills” and enhancing lifetime employability. We set sights on imparting the right mix of knowledge, skills and attitude to successfully meet the challenges of the dynamic international business environment. We strive for delivering experiential learning to inculcate the values of professionalism, collaboration, leadership hard-workrationality to develop high thinking. The institute aims to expand student’s understanding of the business world through intensive industry interface and bridge the gap between theory and practice. We at DIHE motivate creative and enthusiastic youthful graduates who desire to learn and improve continually, welcome ideas, value diversity with desire to succeed in all spheres of life.